Transformers Generations - Insecticons Platinum Edition 3 Pack

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Transformers Generations

Incecticons Platinum 3 Pack

The Insecticons are among the most devious of all Decepticon allies. Pure mercenaries, they will join the battle only when it serves their own purposes, and usually only if they are offered large stacks of Energon cubes in return for their allegiance. Insecticon Bombshell, Kickback, and Skrapnel were the first Insecticons found on Earth, and the first to be lured to the Decepticon cause. This sneaky trio of Insecticons figures are just the mercenaries for your Transformers adventures! Your Skrapnel, Insecticon Bombshell and Kickback figures all have unique powers, and they all come with blasters and Energon cubes to pay them for their attacks. Whether they’re in insect mode or robot mode, the Transformers action will be epic! 3-pack has 3 Platinum Edition Insecticons figures Includes 2-in-1 Skrapnel, Insecticon Bombshell and Kickback figures Each figure converts in 5 steps from robot mode to insect mode and back Comes with 1 Energon cube and blaster for each figure. Ages 8 and up.