50 MyLites 2 Comic Bags - Standard Size Mylar

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50 Pack of MyLites 2 Mylar Comic Storage Bags

50 Standard Comic sized Mylites 2 mylar bags from E. Gerger Archival Envelopes. Protect your colletibles from the effects of aging, thanks for Mylar - the strongest plastic available with 1/3 the strength of steel!

Size is 7 1/4" x 10 1/2" plus 1 1/2" flap.

This is the least expensive permanent storage solution, which will outlast poly bags 500 to 1. Mylar is the most stable plastic, with zero off gassing. It does not absorb moisture like poly bags and it is 100 times more resistant to the diffusion of oxygen, all of which cause long term degradation to valuable comics.