Pre-Order Policy

Pre-orders are listed up to 2 months before release.

Free Shipping for people spending over £6.00, all orders less than this will incur a £1.00 Shipping charge.

All pre orders are dispatched on release.

Once an order is placed on the site, your order is locked in with the distributor. As such any cancellations after 10 days will incur a re-stocking fee of £1 per book, this is due to the fact it is a cost to the business.

Please note in certain orders allocations can happen, and where we will make every effort to fulfill your order in some circumstances we may not be able to.

Also please note that, images provided are taken from Previews and are subject to change without notice, in some circumstances this may differ from the image shown.

Should you wish to make a subscription with Comic Quest, please see the terms set out in our Subscription Information.