Comic Cleaning & Pressing - Giles Hargraves

Comic Quest has teamed up with the UKs leading Comic Book Press & Clean Specialist - Giles Hargraves, to bring our customers the best possible services, if required prior to grading.

We have worked with Giles for a long period, and the professional service, knowledge and techniques used are incomparable in the UK.

Giles offers in house Comic Pressing and Dry Cleaning service for books of your choice, ranging in age and condition.

Pressing uses heat and pressure and can increase the appearance and grade of a book. Although there is no guarantee of CGC grade increase.

Dry cleaning helps improve the look of the cover and back by using no chemical or abrasive techniques (approved by CGC) to clean dirt and some staining - this is not classed as restoration

The concept of comic book pressing is simple: it removes slight non-color-breaking defects and spine roll in a comic book through non-restorative techniques in order to improve its appearance.

Here is how simple it can be.

1) The books you wish to send for this service, can be booked in with Giles. (You pay for this service with Giles Hargraves.) books should include your Comic Quest Submission form, available in the CGC Sub Centre page.

2) On completion of your clean and press service, and you are happy with the service received, books are securely packaged, and the books are then forwarded to Comic Quest for submission with CGC. (On receipt an invoice is sent to you, for payment of this service) - Please see CGC Sub Centre for details.

3) You await the return of your books, pressed, cleaned and graded by the leading comic grading authority in the world.

To arrange this you can email Giles here >>> or alternatively contact him on messenger >>> Giles FB Messenger

...of course if you just require a press and clean service through Giles, without grading you can still use this service. Just contact Giles to arrange your needs.

To arrange this you can email Giles here >>> or alternatively contact him on messenger >>> Giles FB Messenger

Books that require this service prior to grading can send there books to the following address.

Giles Hargraves
Asgard Comics UK
Reference: CQFS
75 Whitley Crescent

Prices (Giles Hargraves)

➡️ In house Pressing service press and dry clean (modern)
➡️ In house Pressing service press and dry clean silver and bronze
➡️Postage for pressing special delivery 1 to 10 comics
➡️Postage for pressing special delivery over 10 comics