CGC Submissions

Standard Grading Pricing

Modern 1974 - Present
Below $200 Raw Value (FMV)
Economy - Any Age
Below $400 Raw Value (FMV)
Standard - Any Age
Below $1000 Raw Value (FMV)
Express - Any Age
Below $3000 Raw Value (FMV)

Fast Track Grading Pricing

Modern Fast Track
Below $200 Raw Value (FMV)
Economy Fast Track
Below $400 Raw Value (FMV)
**Please note that a fee of £13.00 for UK return postage and packing will be added to the total price of your order  Multiple submissions will be charged £1.50 for each book thereafter.
Please note that if selecting the Value Tier, you are required to submit a minimum of 10 books for this service with Comic Quest.
Please note that we ship to the U.S.A. to CGC once per month, or every few weeks depending on the time of year. The time it takes while with CGC can differ depending on their workload, and we do recommend using the fast track service, especially during convention season.
When sending your books, you will be required to print off and fill in the CQ submission form. This will then need to accompany your books that are being sent to Comic Quest.

Please ship your books to:

CGC Sub Centre
4 Hardy Street
S80 1EH

Note: We are online and in-store, so you are more than welcome to either ship your books securely to us, or drop them in and once graded also collect in person.

When you choose to ship your books to Comic Quest for submission, we take great care to receive and document them with the utmost precision. To ensure the safest and quickest submission process, we’ve prepared a number of tips and guidelines. Please read through them before shipping your books.

Upon arriving at Comic Quest, your book is unpacked; it is inspected, entered into our system, and then placed away safely, where it will await dispatch across to the USA.

This process can be delayed significantly if the books that arrive are incorrectly packed. Following these simple guide lines will help to get your books sent quickly:

1) We recommend that you place each comic carefully in a Mylar sleeve or bag WITH a backing board.
2) The comic should be in the bag or Mylar sleeve with the top of the book closest to the opening. one piece of tape is sufficient for a bag with a flap (affixed so the tape is securing the flap towards the back of the comic.) Do not use tape to seal an open top (flapless) Mylar sleeve

3) the ideal way to shop to us is in a comic specific mailer, we understand that you may not have one of these, if that is the case then please read this section further. Place no more than five books in a group between two firm pieces of cardboard and then secure the cardboard around them to provide firm support on top, bottom and sides of the comics. We do not recommend taping the books directly together, but rather wrapping them in a bigger comic bag or paper and then taping that securely together.

4) Pack these in a box with plenty of cushioning material all the way around. Be sure to include the submission form.